Blue Flower

Our Banner restoration – March 2018

Our banner is a significant artefact of the history of Horwich NSC, which has been here for almost 100 years.  In recent times, the banner had fallen into a poor state, and whilst we have tried to patch up where we can, became in a critical state of repair.

We have been fundraising for over a year to restore the banner, at a cost which runs into thousands of pounds.  We are proud of what we have raised, with donations regular, and in some instances significant in helping us match the cost of the repairs. 

Having raised a decent starting point, we sent the banner away for repair (August 2017), with the idea being that it would be repaired and repositioned in the church again ahead of our Annual General meeting in March 2018.

With only a few days to spare, we managed to get our beloved banner back into our home, and proudly displayed for everyone to enjoy