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Membership of Horwich NSC

We always welcome new members to our church. Members of the church are able to attend and contribute to general and special meetings of the church. Full members are able to vote on decisions that affect our future. Members who reach a certain criteria are able to make themselves available for selection on committee, subject to being nominated and voted on at the AGM. Members of the church are eligible for discounts at a number of events in the church. 'Specials' and classes for example will see discounts for members.

To become an Affiliate Member for 2019 will cost a fee of £6. Full membership may be offered to Associate Members by the committee if regular attendance at services and a commitment to spiritualism has been displayed. This will be after a minimum of 6 months. 


 Coming Soon - Downloadable Membership Application Form.



Minister David Bruton, President of the Spiritualist National Union Welcomes several of our Associate Members to Full Membership


For anyone wish to become an individual member of the Spiritualist National Union CLICK HERE


By joining the SNU, you will be able to:

Add your voice to our community

Keep up to date with our movement

Attend, speak and vote at District and National Meetings

Participate through our Education and Training & Awards programmes to gain SNU Certificates & Diplomas

Become active within District and National Committees (Subject to qualification)

Seek advice and support from the SNU about Spiritualism

...and more



 Horwich NSC is ran by volunteers and depends on your donations.  To make a one off donation or commit to a regular donation, please click on the following link.  We thank you sincerely for your support

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