Blue Flower


DIVINE SERVICE - This service is our traditional service, which includes, prayers, hymns, philosophy from a guest medium, and then contact with our loved ones in the spirit world via our guest medium.

DEMONSTRATION OF THE MEDIUMSHIP - Similar to a Divine Service, but with more emphasis on providing contact and evidence of our loved ones in spirit.  There is no philosophy at this service.   We occasionally hold 'Specials' on a Monday.  In these cases, we may see the medium work a little longer or offer a slightly different service.  Admission is increased for these services unless you are a member of the church.

HEALING SERVICE - Please see our Healing Page on this website for more details on our Healing Service.

OPEN CIRCLE - An opportunity for those who want to harness and develop the gift of contact with the spirit world.  This is an opportunity to work with spirit in a friendly informal environment with like minded people.

AWARENESS CLASS - This helps educate you on spiritualism from a more basic level.  

DEVELOPMENT CLASS - The next stage for those who have gone through awareness. 

AN EVENING WITH... - Periodically, we host special evenings on a Saturday with a difference.  These have included Spiritual Artists, Singing Mediums, International Mediums and so on.  To see our latest events, please take a look at our calendar page..

SATURDAY EVENTS - In addition to our 'An Evening With' events, we hold regular events on Saturdays.  These include Private Readings, Spiritual Suppers, Seasonal Fayres etc.  Please see the calendar page for up to date events listings.